Belif Aqua Blue Makeup Cleansing Balm Review

The Aqua Blue Makeup Cleansing Balm by Belif has a sherbet texture and melts onto your skin into an oil like substance, gently removing makeup and impurities from your skin and leaving it feel super soft. It is great for all skin types and has a heavenly citrus scent!

hydrating cleanser
removes makeup
good for pores, dry skin

Key Ingredients:
lotus flower: removes dirt for radiant skin
marshmallow root: moisturizes skin and protects barrier
lady’s mantle: an antioxidant that minimizes pores

$34 for 3.3oz/100ml

My review:
+ removes all my makeup, but struggles to remove my waterproof eyeliner (no worries tho, literally 0 cleansers can remove it easily, thanks nyx cosmetics for a bomb eyeliner)
+ I don’t have to tug at my skin to cleanse; its gentle and effective & emulsifies well.
+ I love the smell, very signature for their aqua bomb line
+ has a ton of fruit extracts in the ingredients, so if you are sensitive to those, be sure to patch test first.
+ came with a cute spatula so you don’t contaminate the jar every time you cleanse your skin
+ good for a little facial massage!!
+ doesn’t irritate my eyes or cause them to go blurry, I can’t tell you how many balms I’ve used that do this.
+ the price seems to be competitive for cleansing balms, but about on par with their other products.
+ doesn’t have the signature jar lid that most Belif products have, so its much easier to get product out!



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