Bellflower Tamanu Oil Barrier Relief Cream Review

Tamanu oil has helped immensely in healing and fading my acne scars, so I could not pass up the opportunity to review the new Tamanu Oil Barrier Relief Cream from Bellflower. This is much thicker in consistency compared to their azulene cream, so it is a bit harder to squeeze out. It spreads like whipped butter on the skin, as you can see from the third slide.

Interestingly, as you continue to rub it in, it melts into a lightweight oily cream that absorbs quickly to a soft, plump velvety finish that I adore.

It clearly has a lot of tamanu oil in it, but it doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy and also doesn’t reek of tamanu oil. Instead, it smells lightly of citrus oils, which I quite enjoy. Overall I’d recommend this for dry skin types who are not sensitive to essential oils! This would also be a great moisturizer for combination skin types in the winter.

Product chosen by me and kindly provided by Bellflower for review! Opinions are always honest and based on my own experience.

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