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I don’t have eye bag, dark circle, or wrinkles. But I have fine lines underneath my eyes. Those lines tend to look more obvious when my skin is dehydrated. I hate especially when I put makeup and the area becomes cracked. That’s why today I would like to share with you an Phyto Eye Cream Read More

Happy Sunday! If you’ve been looking for an eye product I’ve got a good one for you, Wake Skincare Eye Gel. Wake Skincare is a UK brand that recently expanded to the USA. You can find their products on Amazon or directly on their website. (linked in their bio) For every Wake Skincare product sold, Read More

I actually really like the Swanicoco Multi Care Elastic Boost Eyecream to Face.⁣ Why is it called “eyecream to face”? Why not just eye cream? Well it comes in a huge 40mL tube so that’s probably why, I guess. I mean, most eye creams are only 15 to 30mL. But the opening of the tube Read More