[REVIEW] Greenyard Naturals Olive Sun Cream SPF50

I have been looking for something specific for my skin that tans easily, I also have some pigmentation on my face. This Greenyard Naturals Olive Sun Cream SPF50 from Cosmetia UK is targeted at pigmented skin. It’s a high SPF 50, with extra virgin olive oil from Crete. It’s enriched with olive, Vitamin E, Grapeseed extract and Bisabolol.

I love using this suncream, most days when it’s really warm and I don’t want to apply to many products I apply just this. It works as a moisturiser as well as sun protection. It has UVA & UVB Protection, with added anti-ageing and anti-pigmentation properties. This really interests me as I’ve never come across a product like this specially for pigmentation and preventing it. I love that it leaves my skin soft and hydrated but not oily as it absorbs quickly. Leaving a matte finish. There is also no white cast, which can be annoying as no one wants a grey face. Anti-oxidant, anti-ageing, and hydrating, it aids in fighting wrinkles discolouration and excess pigmentation. If your looking for a product that will protect your skin, make it luminous, fight wrinkles that isn’t greasy then this is the product for you.

Thank you Cosmetia UK for this wonderful suncream, I’ve really needed it the past few days so it couldn’t of come at a better time! Sun protection is the most important step in my eyes. Otherwise the other parts of the routine are useless.

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