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The AXIS-Y Green Vital Energy Complex Sheet Mask is made with cellulose fiber enriched with 61% Mugwort extract known for its soothing and skin healing properties. Additional six natural ingredients and patented skincare technology hydrates and calms skin for an instant renewed complexion. It’s suitable for all skin types especially sensitive and damaged skin. HOW Read More

Do you ever find a product that just makes your skin feel like it’s living it’s best life & feeling it’s own oats? cause the Allies of Skin 1A Retinal & Peptides Overnight Mask has done that for me! Boy she’s not cheap that’s for sure (at £105) but packs a punch! I’ve been using Read More

Let’s talk about one of my ultimate favorite masks in my collection! Resurfacing Mask for Instant Glow from Tata Harper. What is it? 1. A natural BHA- and enzyme-powered mask that refines the look of pores to reveal a healthier appearance 2. Helps to remove debris and dead skin for smoother looking skin 3. Provides Read More

Clay Masks – I have a bunch, I want to try more but I dont’ really know what I should be expecting because the effects can be so varied! Here’s a quick summary of my experience with the ROSEN Skincare Earth Mask. PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT TEXTURE: An airy fluffy souffle like clay mask – you can Read More

Product: Beauty Pro Natura Turmeric Infused Sheet Mask. Received as a sample in my BirchBoxUK. Quality: 3/5 I expected this to be yellow or orange, but it was just plain white which was a bit disappointing! It fit my nose better than other sheet masks, but the upper lip and chin fit weirdly. It was Read More

Oh K! Ginseng and Eucalyptus Under Eye Mask received as a sample in my BirchBoxUK. Quality: 3/5 These patches are clear and stayed on well – even when moving around – which is a big plus for me as I like to mask on the go. There was barely any serum left afterwards, and my Read More

Maison de Corée MASK ON Aloe Facial Sheet Mask actually fit on my face well and wasn’t too big which was great. It was fragranced but in a nice way rather than being overpowering, and it didn’t cause any irritation when on – hooray! However, there was loadssss of serum left after the 15 minutes. Read More

SkinRX Lab MadeCera Express Mask recommended for: 1. Skin exposed to UV rays 2. Skin thay turned rough and dry by aircon or fan 3. Varicolored face following skin problems 4. Upgrade of skin conditions before important events REVIEW 1. Packaging Again, it comes in its original pink packaging. The packaging is the same as Read More

In this post I will be reviewing the MediAnswer Real Skin Fit Collagen Mask from ABOUT ME. Product Claims: 1. Rejuvenating mask with lifting effect. 2. Provides long-lasting maximum moisturizing effect. 3. Helps to restore tissue elasticity and elasticity. 4. Strengthen skin turgor. 5. Smoothes and reduces wrinkles. 6. Gently brightens and evens out the Read More

Not sure why it took me so long to try Cica Sleeping Mask from Laneige. Let me tell you this is a must have mask. As someone who has sensitive & dry skin I love to moisturize as it makes my skin feel protected & health. Now this rich cream mask is formulated with Cica Read More

Today I’m featuring the Liyu Skin Harenna Honey Mask. This beauty features Ethiopian white honey infused with Nigerian hibiscus flowers! This is a water-less, oil-free, and fragrance free super hydrating and nourishing mask. ⁣The Harenna mask star ingredient is ethically sourced rare white honey from Ethiopia. Infused with Nigerian Hibiscus flower. Kaolin helps detox and Read More

I finally cracked open my Consonant DHE Mask to be my next clay mask of choice. What does DHE mean you might ask? It stands for detoxify, hydrate, exfoliate and like who doesn’t want that? TEXTURE: This is the creamiest clay mask! Its not super thick and it feels soft and creamy like there is Read More

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