Organii Everyday Organics SPF 50 Sun Milk Review

Organii Everyday Organics have made it their mission to offer and create ethical, affordable, natural and organic products that are suitable for the whole family! They have created products that are fun and very functional, using effective formulas that are sustainable and better for the environment too. They have many different products but one that I’ve been trying is the SPF 50 Sun Milk.

As you would have realised from my previous posts, I’m a firm believer in wearing sun protection all year round and not just when the suns shining. So I have tried many sun protection creams, I have really loved using this organic SPF 50, fragrance free Sun Milk. The main factor for me is that it’s suitable for the whole family, it can be used for babies children and adults. My eyes can sometimes be very sensitive to spf but I must say this organii sun milk has been perfect with no irritation at all, also my son has sensitive skin and can sometimes have bad reactions to spf again this product has been so gentle and effective causing no irritation at all.

Don’t you hate when a sun cream leaves a white cast, or takes ages to blend in to the skin? Well this one doesn’t! It blends in so easily and absorbs in to the skin, leaving no cast and no stickiness. Also you have the benefit of Non-nano Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide as they sit on top of the skin, they reflect the suns rays and create a protective barrier. As well as protecting the skin you have the added benefit of extracts of organic Argan, Jojoba, Sunflower, Olive Fruit, Linseed, Rice Bran and Karanja oils. These will protect the skin while keeping it soft,supple and over-drying.

If you want a sun milk that’s great for delicate and sensitive skin, and suitable for the whole family. Then this is the one for you! Thank you so much Organii Everyday Organics for this amazing product!

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