[REVIEW] 107 Everyday Plump Hydro Cream

107 Everyday Plump Hydro Cream is silky cream to gel moisturizer is formulated with vitamins, amino acids, and probiotics to improve skin hydration and improve the skin barrier (which helps prevent trans epidermal water loss as well as protects the skin from environmental aggressors).

I’ve been really digging cream formulations at night time to really seal in my other products (especially since my skin has gone from oily to more combo). It has a rich formulation that smooths over the skin but it isn’t heavy. It’s very emollient which I need at the end of the night (especially because I exfoliate often).

I usually use an oil at night time but I find this is nourishing enough to where I don’t feel like I need that extra product. I have acne prone skin (which means thicker creams can worry me at times) but I’ve yet to experience a break out with this. It also doesn’t have a noticeable scent which I’m a huge fan of. It’s hard to do but the more I can steer away from unneeded fragrance I do. I feel like the rich formula and no fragrance or dyes make it a perfect dream for those with dry or sensitive skin.

It gives me a moisturized plump feeling that I look for in a cream moisturizer.