[REVIEW] 2NDESIGN First Toner Essence

Today, I’ve got a review on the 2NDESIGN First Toner Essence.

Quick Review:
1. Very hydrating and plumping
2. Great for a short routine
3. Sensitive skin friendly
4. Over promising claims by the brand

Glycerin, Panthenol, Arigine, Sodium Hyaluronate, Centella extract, licorice root extract, Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, Green tea extract, Rosemary leaf extract.

This cloudy looking essence is watery with just a hint of viscosity. It has lots of slip and absorbs really well without a tacky or greasy finish. Just neutral.

My opinion:
I wasn’t really feeling this initially but this has grown on me over time! Initially, I just felt that this was yet another basic hydrating essence. After using this for 4 months, it’s only after I have emptied this that I began to feel where it’s merits really lie. This is incredibly hydrating (like it almost penetrates deep into my skin) especially if you layer this 2 times. And it brings a really nice balancing moisturizing slip (slightly oily but not greasy if you know what I mean) such that I find myself reaching for either this (or the Laneige cream skin) on days I’m running late. Beside the hydrating properties, I didn’t notice much in terms of “elasticity and firmness” like they claim. It’s just hydrating LOL

Will I repurchase? Maybe cos I have a lot of other skincare to try. But I would return to it next time! At $19 for 200ml, this is a pretty good deal considering the hydrating effects that it gives!