[REVIEW] ABOUT ME Red Recipe Milky Peeling Gel

In this post I will be reviewing the Red Recipe Milky Peeling Gel from ABOUT ME.

Ingredients Highlights:
Lactic Acid – AHA chemical exfoliant to brighten skin and clear pores.
“Red Ingredients” – extracts from pomegranate, lotus flower, tomato, red wine to brighten skin.

The “gommage” texture can be described as a mousse that partially sinks into the skin when rubbed in, but the remainder pills on top and acts the gentlest physical exfoliant.

My experience:
I actually really enjoyed using this product, and think that it delivers on its claims. It left my skin nicely exfoliated without drying it out, and I did not experience any irritation at all. While the “gommage” texture (see below) can be a little messy for some, I think it’s honestly fun to use.

Sensitivity Disclaimer:
This product contains alcohol as the 5th ingredient and fragrance as the last ingredient.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried this product and what your experience was.