[REVIEW] ABOUT ME Skin Tone Up Massage Cream

In this post I will be reviewing the Skin Tone Up Massage Cream which was gifted to me by Style Korean Global as a part of the Try Me Review Me event featuring ABOUT ME. All products in this series were gifted to me in exchange for my honest review after using the product.

Product Claims:
1. Removes waste and dead skin cells
2. Clears and brightens skin.
3. Moisturizes skin.

My experience:
I think it definitely delivers on claims 1 and 3, as it removed waste and moisturized my skin. As far as clearing and brightening skin, it did not produce noticeable results over the short term, but it may over the long term. I did not experience any irritation. It did leave my skin feeling a little oily after. so it is best for me to use in the evening.

This product has a gimmicky trick which I don’t like. I applied this cream by massaging it into my skin after double cleansing, and then wiping any residue off after a few minutes. You can imagine my surprise when the cotton pad had a yellowish hue after my using it on my face, when I knew that my skin was not that dirty.

As an experiment, I applied this cream onto a clean cotton pad on its own, and massaged it in for a minute. The clean cotton pad turned yellow. Why? The answer, I think, is that there are these little dark grains in the white cream, and the yellow color seems to be coming from them.

Can you imagine how confusing this is to someone trying to clean their skin, and seeing this “waste” every time they wipe their skin after? I think skincare should be about honesty, instead of tricks to mislead customers.

Ingredients Highlights:
• Glycerin
• Plant extracts – Ulmus, Amaranth Seed, Purslane, and Licorice Root
• Soluble Collagen
• Aloe Vera Juice
• and more.

Sensitivity Disclaimer:
This product contains Kava Kava extract (10th ingredient) and Lemon Peel Oil (22nd ingredient).