REVIEW: African Botanics Fleurs D’Afrique Intensive Recovery Cream

If there ever was a moisturizer that was worth it’s weight in gold, this would be it. Every drop, every application of this beautiful cream from African Botanics is worth every single penny. The Fleurs D’Afrique Intensive Recovery Cream has been recently reformulated to include additional actives making this cream and intensive treatment in my opinion. At $350, I felt it needed a lengthy review to justify its worth. So here goes:

This formula is packed with plant peptides, marine algae, Baobob, ceramides, candida Saitoana, resveratrol, coenzyme q10, panthenol, niacinamide, rooibos, Marula, rice protein, calendula, soy protein, and much much more. It’s scent is rich from one of my favorite jasmine varieties: jasmine grandiflorum.

The texture is ultra light and feels almost whipped with air. It’s not a rich cream although I find it light enough for my combo skin to feel hydrated and not right or dry. I find this cream very active! Which is why I labeled it a treatment cream. I’ve tried using it in different times ways and here’s how I achieved the best results:

At night, when I applied directly to skin post cleanse, it gave me a flush. Nothing too sensitizing but enough for me to warrant a buffer underneath. So I apply a Hyaluronic serum and then the cream. No acids prior or retinols because those caused irritation. Because this cream has such incredible actives, it needs to be worn exclusively. So that’s my preferred method. 3x a week, on top of a hydrating serum, nothing else on top of the cream.

With continued use, after just a few weeks, I notice my skin appears firmer, balanced in areas that were dry and oily, fine lines are less pronounced and breakouts were calmed. This pot of gold is just that. A little treasure that if you can afford (AB does do sales every now and then), I highly recommend checking it out. I always hesitate sharing expensive items but when they’re worth it, I can’t help but share my opinion.