[REVIEW] Algenist GENIUS Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream

The Algenist GENIUS Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream is a product that claims to literally do everything – smooth, brighten, hydrate nurture and prevent wrinkles.


TEXTURE: You know how normally you can dip your finger into a cream? You can’t do that with this really it bounces back and there is some resistance. When you poke it, you won’t find your finger coated in product… you really need to scoop to get the product out. However it’s surprising light and spreads so easily once you scoop it out. Imagine a flan or the inside of a creme brulee.

SCENT: I think it smells like Betty Crocker vanilla cake mix, my boyfriend thinks it smells like artificial almond/vanilla. I think those are pretty similar.

APPLICATION: Oh man this is such a guessing game depending how much I scoop out. But I try to use a spatula to make it more consistent.

FREQUENCY: Every day in the PM

PAO: 12 months

PACKAGING: A pretty weighty jar – no clue what it’s made of though.

KEY INGREDIENTS: The key ingredient in all Algenist products is algae. They have a patented alguronic acid (derived from algae) to support the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and microalgae oil to hydrate and brighten. Otherwise they focus a lot on the use of vegan collagen which should help with skin elasticity and in turn aging. This is a dimethicone cream that also has retinyl palmitate (surprise!), shea butter and ceramides.

SUMMARY: This stuff is hella expensive ($139 + tax CAD for 2oz) so even though it’s a nice experience I probably want rebuy. Also science’s still out on if topical collagen does anything.

Is there anything you love but hesitate to buy due to the price?