[REVIEW] Allie Extra UV Gel

The Allie Extra UV Gel is a hybrid sunscreen with Zinc Oxide and 3 other chemical filters. Other notable ingredients include Glycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate/HA, and Collagen. Despite having ~11.5% ZO, I don’t know how they formulated this, but the white cast is almost negligible which is pretty cryazy.

Recommended for:
Combination (dry) to dry skin types. I don’t recommend this if you’re oily like me, or don’t enjoy shiny finishes. This is fragrance and essential oil free thankfully. But it does contain drying alcohol.

This has a thick, creamy and emollient texture that is much like a cream moisturizer. It spreads easily and leaves a dewy (can be very shiny depending on layers under it) and sometimes sticky finish (depends on amount you use) This definitely has a noticeable white cast on my rather pale asian skin tone but not outrageously so. I find 3 fingers too much as it doesn’t seem to absorb anything beyond 2 fingers.

My Opinion:
I really wanted to love this but I think it’s just one that isn’t right for my oily skin and requires some routine changes to make it work. It is a very moisturizing formulation tho. Despite containing zinc oxide, it didn’t dry out my skin at all. In fact it left me moisturized, hydrated and dewy all day long. I tested this on a hot day and I found it to hold up to sweat and intense sun exposure! I was completely protected from the harsh rays and had no sunburn at all. Like it said, this can get overly shiny for my oily skin. In the humid and hot weather, I can literally see myself shining like a disco ball. Somedays I dig it, other days I just look straight up sweaty. The creamy emollient texture can also be a tad heavy especially if you apply a thick layer. This is better if you skip your moisturizer and just use this.

Will I repurchase?
This just ain’t for my skin type and climate. It’s way too emollient and shiny for my liking. It’s also not the cheapest at S$30 (for the 90ml + 15ml set).