[REVIEW] Axis-Y Cera Heart My Type Duo Cream

I’m very keen to try Axis-Y Cera Heart My Type Duo Cream ever since their launching day because I think the concept is really thoughtful to have two types of moisturizer in one product. You know sometimes I just can’t decide should I go with gel or cream moisturizer. Are you having the same problem too? Plus, Axis-Y is a climate inspired brand and it sounds suitable for hot humid country.

I’ve tried this moisturizer for about two weeks now. I’m supposed to wear the gel type on my T-zone and cream type on my U-zone. I tried and I like it. The gel type absorb nicely on my skin. Although it looks thick, but feels light on the skin. The cream type is not much differ from the gel. Just feels a little bit occlusive because of the ceramide. Unlike other ceramide based moisturizer, this one is lighter.

Both leaves comfortable finishing. It doesn’t feels too tacky and greasy once fully absorbed. I think it’s perfect for all skin types especially combination skin because you don’t have to buy two different moisturizers. I barely notice any scent from these two. But, the cream smells like a normal ceramide moisturizer.

Overall, I started to love this moisturizer and enjoying it so much. This is a good option for those who’re looking for gel moisturizer without dimethicone, fragrance, colorant, and alcohol in the formula. And it’s a good start for those who want to stregthen their skin barrier with ceramide based moisturizer but still prefer lighter texture. I hope Axisy Official can come out with the gel version only because my skin type personally loves it more.

Recommended to: All skin type especially combination skin
Repurchase: Yes

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