[REVIEW] AXIS-Y Green Vital Energy Complex Sheet Mask

The AXIS-Y Green Vital Energy Complex Sheet Mask is made with cellulose fiber enriched with 61% Mugwort extract known for its soothing and skin healing properties. Additional six natural ingredients and patented skincare technology hydrates and calms skin for an instant renewed complexion. It’s suitable for all skin types especially sensitive and damaged skin.

Unfold completely and place the mask onto cleansed and toned skin. Remove the mask after 15-20 minutes and lightly massage the remaining essence until completely absorbed. Follow up with a moisturizer if desired.

I love the packaging, come in green and transparent plastic packaging. I can see the essence and sheet mask is ready to come out and soothes my skin. The sheet mask is drenched with gel type essence and a bit difficult to unfold the mask. The essence is clear light green in color and i believe it’s from mugwort extract. It’s has mild herbal scent. The sheet mask is perfectly fit on my face and very thin and soft.

The first time i use it, i use all the essence leftover on my face, neck and arm. Turned out that the essence does not fully absorbed into my skin. I spend more than 5 minutes dap dap dap my skin to ensure the essence is fully absorbed. It’s still leaving tacky feeling. The second time I use it, i did not repeat the same mistake again. I put the essence leftover in empty container so i can use it next time. I still need to dap my face after masking to ensure the essence is fully absorbed. I can feel the sheet mask give the instant soothing effect to my skin and leaving my skin well moisturized.