[REVIEW] Ayuna Less is Beauty Terra Bella Cannabic Sublimating Cream

The latest limited edition from Ayuna Less is Beauty is a Cannabis Sublimating Cream Terra Bella with the price $455 for 100 ml, natural, ecological, and sustainable innovation. The cream is stored inside the handmade green ceramic vessel and contains organic active ingredients: Plasma Rich in Cell Factors from Turmeric and innovative Cannabis Sativa Cell Cultures. Natural fragrance is a sublime composition of Gurjum Balsam, Holy Wood, Myrrh, Chamomile, Rosemary, Buchu, typical Ayuna scent, which I personally love.

Terra Bella is slightly richer than Cream II, perfect for colder months, it absorbs well without leaving any greasiness, with almost opaque finish, which I enjoy for my combo skin. You probably have seen so many reviews on this cream as it was lately in the Beauty Heroes subscription box, which I couldn’t resist either. I know that there are 2 groups of people: those who love this cream and those who are not convinced (or at least they consider that the price is too high). I can say that I saw other products in the market with similar price for ml, but sometimes it is less evident because the jar size is smaller.

Though there are some important points to mention:
1. The volume of the jar (which is really huge – 100 ml is so much product!) So you might want to switch to another product with the risk that it goes bad meanwhile.
2. It is not that simple to pair with other brands/lines. It is meant to be a serum and moisturizer all in one and works perfectly with another products from Ayuna line. But personally I use specific serums which I don’t want to suspend, so I need to wait for them to absorb really well before applying Terra Bella. From my opinion Terra Bella can be a great option for skincare minimalists and those who don’t have particular skin concerns.
3. Terra Bella works really great as an eye contour product! Perfect texture and absorbency.

I’ve used half of the jar and have suspended it for summer, we will see if it preserves well (12 months after opening declared by the brand). Have you tried this luxury cream? What was your experience?