[REVIEW] AZZEDINE Raw Moroccan Rose Water

This brand has such a beautiful back story. A family run business in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Every summer, thousands of roses grow and the local Berber women pick these roses for AZZEDINE Raw Moroccan Rose Water who distill them for their rose mists and serums.

My favorite part is the sustainability too! The products are packaged in England using only recyclable materials, and they come with a reusable bag which is part of Morocco’s ‘zero mika’ initiative to get rid of all plastic bags in shops. I actually gifted this to a friend who is a key worker and deserved a little pick me up during the pandemic. But the review is just as authentic.

Likely because it is 100% natural and not what we are used to. I do find that every rose mist I use smells slightly different but that’s the way of the natural world! They give such a great morning pick me up especially if you spray on your face first thing for a boost of hydration.

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