[REVIEW] Bak Concentrated Serum for Dry Skin

Bak Concentrated Serum for Dry Skin is 100% natural and organic, made using live probiotic bacteria. The products target skin issues naturally and effectively.

I have combination skin so although some areas of my face can be a little oily other parts are really dry. This is really hard to deal with as I need to find a cream that’s moisturising enough but nothing too oily. I have certain patches on my face where my skin is dry and you can see that the skin is a little flaky and my makeup doesn’t sit right on those areas. After using Bak skincare serum my dry skin areas are gone and now so hydrated. My skin looks and feels softer and moisturised.

Due to the current times my hands have been really dry from all the extra washing and using hand gels to sanitise. My skin felt tight and itchy on my hands and started to get flaky. I have been using the serum for a few weeks now and they feel so much better. Again the skin is softer and more hydrated, the dryness is gone and they look really supple again.

I would really recommend this serum as it’s worked really well on my dry and damaged skin. It’s now really soft,supple and moisturised also the itchiness and redness has disappeared.

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