[REVIEW] Balance Active Formula Hyaluronic Deep Moisture Serum

Balance Active Formula Hyaluronic Deep Moisture Serum bought from Savers Health & Beauty.

Quality: 2/5
This serum contains hyaluronic acid, which I like as it’s very moisturising. My skin hasn’t been dry whilst using it either. However, I feel like this serum blocks other products as creams I apply afterwards don’t absorb very well so I can’t layer them effectively, which is not ideal. Also, if you don’t wait long enough for the serum to absorb and rub another product in, you can feel it coming off and forming little bits of tacky serum. This also happened when I applied makeup and I had a few little bits of serum around the edges of my face. The crusty look was not ideal! It didn’t cause any irritation, but I did get a few little pimples whilst using it.

Retail price: £2.99 for 30ml in Savers.

Recyclability: 3/5
The box and bottle are recyclable. The pipette is not.

Balance Active Formula are cruelty free – yay! The product is very reasonably priced. However, for me it didn’t work out, so I wouldn’t buy it again.

What’s the best serum you’ve tried and why?