[REVIEW] Bath House Kombu Seaweed Balancing Facial Toner

Bath House Kombu Seaweed Balancing Facial Toner gifted in exchange for a review.

Quality: 3/5
This toner has a similar smell to the cleansing milk, but it’s a bit more medicinal as it contains witch hazel. (If you’re a rosacea sufferer I would steer clear as witch hazel is a known irritant.)

It applies easily and smoothly, and I like using this after the cleansing milk. The cleansing milk is lovely, but I can feel it sitting on my skin afterwards and the toner cuts through that and refreshes my skin.

Retail price: £20 for 200ml at The Bath House Shop.

Recyclability: 4/5
If this is the same as their other products then the bottle is recyclable but the lid isn’t.

This is a nice toner and goes well with their cleansing milk. Bath House is cruelty free and they have a recycling programme, which I love! Personally, I wouldn’t buy this toner as the witch hazel irritates my skin as I have rosacea which is such a shame! However, this would be great for all other skin types. Thank you Bath House for letting me try this product!

What are your thoughts on witch hazel?