[REVIEW] Beauty of Joseon Repair Serum

For this post I’m featuring Beauty of Joseon Repair serum. The brand Beauty of Joseon is known by incorporating traditional Korean herbal ingrediants and mixing them with modern skincare ingrediants. The Repair Serum is formulated with 63 % Ginseng Root Water and 3 % Snail Mucin. All their products are cruelty, alcohol and paraban free.

Ginseng is known to protect and preserve collagen in your skin.
Snail mucin has a lot of hydrating and soothing benefits, as well is full of antioxidants.
Other than these 2 ingrediants it has also the cult favorite – Niacinamide.

The texture is very lightweight, but at the same time moisturizing. It aborbs fast, leaves the skin hydrated, it’s not greasy nor sticky. And if the Ginseng scent is too much for you, this is the product. The scent is bearly there.

My experience:
I’ve used previously ginseng based products so I know that my skin gets along with them very good. This particular one is my favorite because it’s a mix between 2 good ingrediants. It is not from those with overnight results products but it gives long term effect. You skin preservs elasticity and firminess, the snail mucin gives that extra hydration and soothing effect and the niacinamide provides you with brighter skin. In one word this is QUITE THE SERUM. I use it in my AM and PM routine.

Which one is your favorite serum?