[REVIEW] Benefit Gogo Tint

Benefit Gogo Tint received as a sample in my Birch Box UK.

Quality: 3/5
This tint produces a lovely, vibrant colour, but I find it rubs off quite easily and isn’t as long lasting as I’d expect. The colour is very concentrated on the brush so you can’t just apply it all over your lips as it’d be too much product. This means it often smudges along the lip line on application and isn’t as neat as a lipstick. Also, if you rub it in with your fingers it will stain them. It’s easy to wash off though, don’t worry!

Reatil price: £15.50 for 5ml in the Birchbox shop. (If you’ve been a Birchbox member for 6 months you get a 15% discount.)

Recyclability: 1/5
The box is recyclable, but I don’t think the bottle is.

I wasn’t really impressed with this tint’s staying power (especially for the price!) and prefer a lipstick or tinted lip balm application wise. Personally, I wouldn’t buy this. Benefit Cosmetics also aren’t cruelty free, which I don’t like, but at least they’re upfront about it.

Do you prefer tints, stains or lipsticks?