REVIEW: Biophile Root Bionic Refining Essence

Everytime I share a post on my skincare routine, I end it with lines like ‘review coming soon’ or ‘more about it later’. So today is that ‘later’ day where I review the Biophile Root Bionic Refining Essence, a radiance-boosting, lightweight 3-in-1 tonic that exfoliates, hydrates and tones the skin.

Biophile™ is a fermentation-based skincare line that uses the power of a unique bio-fermentation process to create pro-microbiome skincare. Each formula is based around their proprietary Biotic Broths™ that is made with the help of microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, algae) Fermentation increases the potency, nutrition and penetration of the ingredients used, making them efficacious and safe. It’s very interesting to read about all this on their website.

The essence is formulated with a potent and unique combination of ingredients. Nutrient dense roots biotic broth™ made with Fermented Licorice, Ginger and Burdock are combined with lactobionic acid, willowbark and hyaluronic acid to create this juicy goodness.

It has a lightweight, watery consistency that is quickly absorbed by the skin and doesn’t stay tacky. It hydrates as well as nourishes the skin, improves its texture and tone by gently exfoliating giving it a smoother and brighter appearance. For me this is more of a hydrating and brightening toner. In my world essences are products that hydrate and plump the skin making it bouncy and springy, an effect that I get after using korean essences. This one hydrated very well but I didn’t notice much of a difference in skin elasticity department. Easy to layer with everything, it preps the skin for other products to absorb well. None of the products I used pilled. There is no weird scent or fragrance in this product.

The packaging is unique and looks different which is cool though I wish I had the option to open and use every last bit of it. Have you used this product or anything from this brand before?