[REVIEW] Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV SPF 50 PA ++++

Here to review another amazing Japanese sunscreen. It’s the Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV SPF 50 PA++++.

Quick breakdown of ingredients:

Sunscreen filters – 4 filters for UVB and 4 for UVA :
• Octinoxate – 2nd ingredient, UVB protection.
• Uvinal A Plus – 4th ingredient, UVA protection (whole range).
• Zinc Oxide – 5th ingredient, UVB and UVA protection.
• Titanium Dioxide – 7th ingredient, UVB and UVA II (also some UVA I) protection.
• Tinosorb S – 9th ingredient, UVB and UVA protection.
This product provides amazing protection for broad spectrum UV radiation! However, it is not waterproof, so that is something to note if you want to use this outside on a hot day.

Ingredients Highlights:
• Arginine – moisturize and heal skin
• Sodium Hyaluronate – moisturize skin

Sensitivity info:
• Free of alcohol, fragrance, and essential oils

My Experience:
• Leaves a dewy finish right after applying, and dries to a semi matte finish after a few minutes.
• No whitecast
• No pilling
• Lightweight texture (although no the lightest. See comparison below)

Purchased this for $11.89/40g.

Comparison to Rohto Skin Aqua UV Super Moisture Gel:
1. Canmake not as light in texture as Skin Aqua.
2. Canmake takes a bit longer to settle into the skin because it’s alcohol free.
3. Canmake is not waterproof whereas Skin Aqua is.
4 The UVA protection in Canmake is noticeably superior to Skin Aqua.
5. Canmake costs almost triple Skin Aqua ($11.89/40g vs $15.99/140g)

Final thoughts:
1. I love the experience and the sunscreen filters.
2. It apparently works very well with makeup, which is something I will be trying later this week.
3. The only negatives for this product are the pricepoint and the fact that it’s not waterproof.
4. Definitely want to stock up on this next time I’m in Japan and I can get it at a much cheaper price.