[REVIEW] Cerave Moisturising Lotion

So my favourite go-to, simple, no BS moisturiser – the Cerave Moisturising Lotion. Who else has this product, and what do you think of it?

REVIEW: 8.5/10

TEXTURE – a simple white lotion, not too thick, despite it being for Dry/Very skin – I have more oily skin and it works great for me. I also find it a great one to add face oils to!

FRAGRANCE – no fragrance

FINISH – leaves a nice finish, sinks into the skin quickly and leaves no sticky residue

INGREDIENTS – the ingredients are amazing! with 3 ceramides, glycerin and hyaluronic acid it’s perfect for hydration and protecting the skin barrier. The simple, hydrating ingredients also mean it is perfect for sensitive skin! If you saw my first ‘skinformationsundays’ post on the skin barrier you’d see how perfect it is if your skin barrier is compromised.

BOTTLE – very simple, quite bland, but fits with the Cerave brand

DOWNSIDES? – I have no downsides for what it is, it is a perfect simple moisturiser, however if you were wanting more luxury/impressive skincare ingredients, this isn’t the one for you. Also I wouldn’t recommend this to someone with very dry skin, however I’d recommend the Cerave moisturising cream instead 🙂

PRICE – £11.25 – either bootsuk or superdrug for a LARGE bottle!!

A perfect first moisturiser if you are just getting into skincare and if you are from the UK it isn’t hard to come by!! (unlike most other brands)

VEGAN – Not all products

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