[REVIEW] Clevos Natura Foresta Rumohra Shampoo

Clevos Natura Foresta Rumohra Shampoo is such a luxurious and stunning shampoo that comes in a light golden color, with a whole rumohra leaf inside. This shampoo is certified EWG, USDA Organic, and cruelty free!

This stars rumohra extract, an ingredient thats known for its abilities to regulate scalp sebum levels. The shampoo is actually based in rumohra extract, and uses Coco Glucoside as the major surfactant instead of sls. The rest of the ingredients list is filled with nutritious herbal extracts.

For a sulfate free shampoo, this is formulated really well! I honestly couldn’t tell that it was a sulfate free shampoo just from using it because unlike most sulfate free shampoos, this easily and abundantly foams up, and also rinses off to leave that signature sulfate squeaky clean feeling.

This is actually too drying for me to use every time I shower, but I love using this once a week to do a deep cleanse as this seriously keeps my scalp clean. As for the sebum regulation aspects, I don’t see enough of a difference to pinpoint it on the shampoo, but my scalp definitely doesn’t get oily any faster than before, which is good.

I’d recommend this for people who have oily scalps, and for people who are looking for a heavy duty, yet natural shampoo for occasional deep cleanses.

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