REVIEW: Cocokind Ceramide Barrier Serum

I have been absolutely LOVING the new Cocokind Ceramide Barrier Serum. Recently my chin area has been feeling extremely dry, sensitive, flaking and just overall irritated (can we say damaged barrier?) and thankfully this baby had already arrived so I could start healing my barrier! This is seriously an amazing serum. it has a really nice cooling and soothing sensation. it’s an excellent product for damaged skin barriers and to support your skin barrier in general! it layers really well, & feels very light on your skin. it includes ceramides, lactic acid, squalane, and beta-glucan. all amazing ingredients for soothing your skin!

When Cocokind launched this product I was SO excited! I had been hoping to find an affordable product that I could integrate as a daily staple. I had been using the KRAVE great barrier relief serum & while I loved the texture/feel of the product, I didn’t feel that it was a necessary product to keep in my routine (especially in light of the current events). I had seen other barrier serums (like glow recipe) but they seemed a bit out of my price range as a product to continuously buy. This serum was a fabulous $20!!! Something I can easily continue to repurchase.

First impressions:
A completely different texture than other barrier serums I’ve used but feels cooling on the skin. I haven’t experience any pilling from adding this product into my morning routine but at night, when paired with my Niacinamide serum my skin does pill a bit. I love the thought and care that went into creating this product! I’m so excited to use this for longer and see how my skin holds up in this dry, HOT summer!