[REVIEW] Crème Du Loch Age-Defying Daily Moisturiser

Crème Du Loch Age-Defying Daily Moisturiser has a rich, thick texture that feels almost like like solid butter, that goes on smoothly and feels incredible on the skin. Having used the product over the last several weeks, I can honestly say that this cream is very high quality from the consistency in absorption and its results. It reminds me of the creams my mom used to wear years ago when I was a little kid, having a very light powdery and cucumber scent, it goes on thick but absorbs extremely well into the skin. I absolutely love this cream, and apply it every night before bed as part of my skincare routine. My skin looks even toned and alive come morning, glowing, firm and plump.

Using a unique kelp blend harvested from the west coast of Scotland, Crème Du Loch has developed a daily moisturiser that is rich in mineral, antioxidant and vitamin content that nourishes your skin and slows down signs of aging. This moisturiser helps retain moisture and softens dry skin, while acting as an anti-inflammatory agent which can reduce the appearance of breakouts thanks to the minerals in the kelp.

What’s more, this moisturiser is:
• Artificial Fragrance Free
• Cruelty Free
• Vegan Friendly
And the packaging is luxurious yet fully recyclable.

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