[REVIEW] Dear Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop

Dear Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop is one of the best-selling Korean Vitamin C serums. Personally, I don’t quite understand why, because in my opinion it is a very mediocre product that did absolutely nothing for me.

Klairs advertises it as a miracle serum that will remove dead skin cells, improve dull skin tone and enlarged pores. “Use overnight to enjoy brighter complexion and clearer skin on the following morning” How is this serum going to remove dead skin cells if it does not include any exfoliating ingredients? And the “overnight miracle” claim is just another sales trick.

My experience of using it was okay. This serum has oily texture and it made my skin look greasy. Applying moisturiser only made it look worse. The serum has a quite strong lavender scent that dissipates within approx. 20 minutes. The product seems very stable. I did not keep in the fridge and it stayed clear and fresh for over 3 months.

I gave this product 4 out 7. It has fragrance (lavender oil, orange oil and anise fruit extract), it is not pleasant to use, and it does not deserve the it-factor.

The ingredient list is actually nice. It includes 5% of pure Ascorbic Acid which can potentially brighten up the skin, improve skin texture and help to fight free radicals. The concentration is pretty low which makes it a good product for vitamin C beginners. This serum includes Centella Asiatica Extract and Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (stable Vitamin C derivative). Additionally, this serum includes five different growth factors that have a potential to stimulate cell growth and thus may have an anti-aging effect (however there are some controversies around growth factors – See my EGF post for details). Overall the formula is great.

Acne alert: Low risk. This product includes a couple of known acne triggers – Butylene Glycol and Polysorbate 60. Furthermore, essential oils can be problematic for some people.
35ml 20 EUR (often on sale)
Verdict: It is average.

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