[REVIEW] Dermourra Advanced Brightening Day Cream SPF30

Dermourra Advanced Brightening Day Cream SPF30 is a perfect combination to give an instant whitening and matteglow effect. Enriched with SPF 30, this cream can keep the skin moisturized all day.

Key Ingredients

1. Hibiscus – exfoliate, control sebum, encourage fresh, younger and smoother looking skin
2. Caviar Lime – increase collagen production and tighten skin. It has a strong antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Lighten skin pigmentation, prevent dark sports and reduce dull skin

My Thought

1. It has a light creamy texture that glide smoothly on my skin, I don’t need any moisturizer because it gives me enough hydration and moisturise my skin too.
2. The scent quite obvious, remind me of Citra or maybe Enchanteur Body Lotion, but my skin can tolerate the scent.
3. It gives me the tone up effect, so just need to apply a pea size of product.
4. Enriched with spf 30, but I still need to apply my sunscreen for optimum protection.
5. Can use it on her own or as a make up base.
6. Didn’t give me any bad reaction.


1. This cream does gives me the tone up effect, but do not apply it too much or it will turn ur skin into greyish tone.
2. The finishing is really amazing, gives me the matte and glow finishing, looks healthy.
3. I can wear it on her own, no need to set with any powder or I can used it as my make up base.
4. I really love the combination of this cream and my Loreal Infallible Foundation as they made my skin glowing and the make up last longer.
5. Like in the last pic, I don’t set it with any powder and just put some blusher, eyebrows and mascara.
6. Oh it can be applied on hands too for tone up effect.

1. Will turn my skin into a greyish tone if too much application.

Rate : 4/5 My combination skin approved

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