[REVIEW] Deviant Gentle Resurfacing Liquid

So as if I wasn’t already enough of a Deviant Skincare stan after trying their other 3 products earlier in the year I was lucky enough to get Caroline Hirons Autumn Kit with Deviant’s Gentle Resurfacing Liquid in! And I’m so glad I did cause GRL really is that GIRL.

Product Overview
This product contains an 8.2% acid blend of AHAs, BHAs & PHAs. With Mandelic & Lactic Acid being the first & second acid in here. 2 that my skin tends to love! It’s also got some other really nice ingredients in like Licorice Root Extract & Centella Asiatica. Licorice Root is said to have skin soothing properties, as well as antioxidant properties & it can also help brighten/help with uneven skin tone. Natalie (the brand co-founder) I think puts it perfectly on their website by saying the combining of gentle hydroxy acids & soothing extracts in this formulation allows potential irritation to be offset & the exfoliation to happen without sensitising the skin.

So I gave this away a little at the beginning but this is probably the nicest exfoliator I’ve used, or at least the one my skin has got on with the best! My skin gets on well with most acids but it can sometimes get a bit sensitive if I use a heavy Glycolic Acid on it repeatedly. Although Glycolic is the 3rd acid in this product I’ve not had these issues & I’ve only been using this product 1-2 nights a week (on my non-retinal nights) and my skin loves it! I always wake up with a nice glow the next morning & if I’ve started to get a blemish it often helps to diminish them a bit by the next day! But the main reason I’m loving it is with consistent use of this over the past few months I’ve noticed good results on my dark spots/PIE, better results than with my last chemical exfoliator product. It’s a definite repurchase for me!

Have you tried this product? What’s your favourite acid toner/exfoliant?