[REVIEW] Dr. Althea Resveratrol 345NA Intensive Repair Cream

The Monday blues are hitting hard today. Today, I’ve got a review on the Dr. Althea Resveratrol 345NA Intensive Repair Cream.

Quick Review:
Balmy but great absorbency
Non tacky, siliconey finish
Kept my skin barrier strong
More occlusive than moisturizing
Contains Essential oils

Texture: This looks like a gel cream but feels like a balm as you spread it across your face. Thankfully, it absorbs pretty quickly, leaving a really smooth/ non-tacky finish that is very characteristic of a silicone heavy cream

My experience: I really enjoyed the results I got from this cream! It had a lovely texture that was perfect for locking in my actives. It was really occlusive and almost felt like I was “slugging”. Even with strong actives like retinol, this managed to lock in my previous layers of hydration and prevent irritation. I believe it played a part in keeping my barrier strong and healthy.

The flip side to this occlusive texture was that it can feel too heavy for daytime use. I found myself “melting” when I used this in the daytime. I much prefer this as a night cream. Additionally, this doesn’t bring much hydration or moisturizing qualities to the table. So definitely pile on the hydrating layers before using this to lock it all in.

Will I purchase? It’s a no. As much as I enjoyed it, I wanna avoid essential oils in my routine. As they are quite noticeable in scent, I think it has the potential to irritate my skin in the long run. It is quite affordable tho, ~SGD23 (for 50ml) on Yesstyle

Recommended for: Normal to Dry skin types that are looking for a “lock it in” moisturizer. Oily skin types most likely won’t enjoy the heaviness. This contains essential oils so definitely be wary if you’re sensitive to it.

Star Ingredients: Glycerin, Algae Extract, Fig Extract, Primrose Flower Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Niacinamide, Beta Glucan, Oligopeptide-1, Ceramide NP, Resveratrol (only 1ppm tho).