[REVIEW] Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel

+ anti aging⁣
+ reduce dullness & uneven texture⁣
+ treat pores and dark spots⁣

+ step one: ahas & bhas gently exfoliate skin, treat pores, and support cell renewal⁣
+ step two: retinol based, stops the activity of the acids in step one for hydrated and smooth skin. ⁣

Key Ingredients:⁣
+ glycolic acid (aha)⁣
+ salicylic acid (bha)⁣
+ lactic acid (aha)⁣

+ $88 for 35 treatments⁣

Overall Thoughts:⁣
+ surprisingly gentle for how aggressive it sounds⁣
+ I use this once a week and don’t use any other heavy exfoliants other than this right now, for safety.⁣
+ I have a limited edition set I think (PR from Strawberrynet official), so they’re in tubs, but the OG packaging is all in tearable wipe form and I think it’s so wasteful.⁣
+ my skin is radiant and smooth as soon as I use this in my pm routine, and my skin is overall healthier when I use this!⁣
+ they don’t irritate my skin at all, but I don’t think I can get up to two times a week; they are just so potent!⁣
+ probably my favorite “peeling” kind of exfoliant so far, way better than Goop!⁣
+ the price is SO STEEP for me, if these weren’t gifted, I could not afford – full transparency.⁣
+ are there other, valid alternatives to this system? Yes. Do I know them? No. If you have a dupe for this, LMK.

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