[REVIEW] Dr.Jart+ Cicapair Calming Mask

Dr.Jart+ Cicapair Calming Mask is cicapair mask that soothes sensitive skin.

I’ve cleansed, used exfoliating toner pad, soothing and hydrating toners and put on this sheet mask then continued with the rest of my night skincare routine.

1. The essence was lightweight;and there’s little left in the packet so I squeezed out every drop onto my facial area before positioning the sheet on.
2. As you can see, the sheet was thin and adhered onto the skin very well. There’s almost no bubble that needed to be smoothed out, you’re gonna love cellulose-like sheet.
3. There’s subtle lavender scent to this mask that’s lingered throughout the minutes I had the mask on.
4. After taking off the mask, my skin felt well-hydrated, soothed, redness almost gone immediately after taking the mask off but definitely toned down after awhile. I did felt the need to apply a heavier cream on top of this to really just satisfy the thirst that my dehydrated skin had been craving all day today.

The initial reason that I’ve gotten a whole box of this sheet mask is because I super love the facial mist, gel cream and not forgetting, the serum but I’ve got to say that this sheet mask is only great during the third out of three phases of my damaged skin recovery period which means when I simply want to treat a little bit of irritation and small area of dryness i.e my current skin situation. Definitely not hydrating enough for dry, flaky facial area.

Overall, 4/5. It’s great for what it is. Kinda wish it did for a little bit more for how much I’ve spent on it and I actually do have a better sheet mask with similar function at a much more affordable price.

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