[REVIEW] Dr.Jart+ Vital Hydra Solution Biome Essence

I was hesitating to try this Essence for a while now, because I saw that many of you disliking the sent of it (I’m really sensitive when it comes to fragrances). So, I decided to start with a mini Dr.Jart+ Vital Hydra Solution Biome Essence 50ml version that I saw on Cult Beauty for 16€ and let me tell you.

I love this Essence and I even ordered a big 245ml bottle for 55,80€ on Yesstyle after using it daily for 1,5 months now (if I repurchase something – it means a lot).

– with patented probiotic-supporting (skin-friendly live bacteria and yeasts that help to balance our microbiome) Jartbiome technology
– features beneficial microbes to bolster your skin’s moisture barrier: dissuading moisture loss and signs of dehydration.
– restores balance to your skin’s microbiome.
– recovers sensitive skin in distress.

Texture: gel-type essence, slightly viscous. You don’t need much, cause it spreads easily! Absorbs quickly, I didn’t experience any stickiness (I apply it yo damp skin after my toner/mist).

Scent: here, where all the controversy comes and why I was scared to try it! Actually, I may be a weird one, but I LOVE how it smells – like a fermented natural kefir (or yogourt) mixed with yeast (logical: probiotics+fermentation ingredients). You like it or you hate it. Period.

My opinion: I have tried and I have a lot of essences (my all time favorite is still IOPE Bio Essence) and this one, has become my no.2! My skin just drinks it up (I’m a tretinoin user). It hydrates and soothes, giving that beautiful plumping effect with a “glass skin” finish (I apply it directly with my hands, maximum 2 layers). It gives that refreshing feeling (were are now at 30-35C+) and helps to calm down redness and irritation (oily/sensitive/reactive skin). Not the cheapest one, but IMHO it worth it!

If you are not “scared” of its potentially unpleasant scent to some – I can totally recommend it without any doubt.

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