[REVIEW] Dr V LipX Kit

Name: Dr V LipX Kit
Price: £95


I’ve been using this for the months of September, October & November. I find it easy & enjoyable to incorporate in a routine but I do forget to use it the recommended 2-3 times a week.

On average I’ve used this 1-2 times a week. As a result I have over half the product left. Even if I had used it 3 times a week I’m sure I’d have more than 3 months worth of product, swipe to see how much I have left.

I use it relatively generously – enough to cover my lips well with the scrub, mask & balm on every occasion.


Swipe across to see for yourself. I tried my utmost to match lighting conditions in the before & after. I purposely used a picture with slightly darker lighting in the after so no one could suggest the after changes are due to higher exposure or brightness. Both pictures are unfiltered.

My lips weren’t the most hyperpigmented to begin with but they have darker areas. The outline & centre of my lower lip in particular have browned over time & lost some pinkness.

This has reduced since using this kit, I think it’s a noticeable difference with my lower lip looking much more even in tone. Swipe to see the areas that I have noticed improvement & tell me what you think!

I haven’t noticed much change to my upper lip yet – possibly because I tend to focus on my lower lip when it comes to scrubbing.


I’ll do another update when I finish the product & will try to take extra care to treat my top lip.

Areas that I think could be improved are inclusion of an SPF. I also don’t find the lip balm hydrating enough for winter – my lips tend to chap a lot so need something on top but am paranoid it dilutes the actives.

I feel comfortable saying this product has been effective & to recommend it to anyone whose lip pigmentation bothers them. Skincare by drv has definitely delivered on this one & I can’t wait to try the rest of her range.