[REVIEW] Earthwise Beauty Ambrosia do Cerrado Liquid Moisturizer

Everything about Earthwise Beauty Ambrosia do Cerrado Liquid Moisturizer is Unique. From the texture, the consistency, the scent and the name. Everything! This ultra lightweight, fast absorbing product is a moisturizing serum, watery essence and oil rolled in one. The aloe based formula has few, simple yet potent and nutrient rich superfoods like cold pressed, hand extracted pequi fruit oil, Buriti oil, Moringa pod oil and Elderberry fruit extracts. The cheery, rich yellow color is all natural that comes from these oils.

The scent is another story. It has a fruity scent with a sweet, tart, citrusy kick and hint of smokiness. It’s earthy and grounding yet very happy. A complex, sensorial delight minus the essential oils. The scent profile of every EWB product is unmatched. They are unforgettable and borderline addicting. The Portuguese name for this product comes from the Cerrado area in Brazil, the biologically richest savanna in the world. In a nutshell, if you are looking for an ultra lightweight product, that looks like serum, feels like a toner, hydrates like an essence, nourishes like an oil and moisturizes like a moisturizer all with a magical scent and a cheerful color then look no further.

My Experience:
The non-sticky emulsion literally feels like water on the skin. It sinks in completely without leaving any residue. The breathable formula is deeply moisturizing, hydrating and nourishing. It’s unbelievable how something so thin can do this. Usually, products with such textures are hydrating but lack in the moisturizing department. Not this one. It layers beautifully with other products without piling. I have dry skin and this along with a layer of cream did a fabulous job of keeping my skin soft, supple, visibly bright and nourished for a really long time. This will work excellently in humid weather when applying anything on your face is a nightmare. Also, it works great under makeup, making it an easy choice for day use.