[REVIEW] Embody Naturals YEMAYA Kaolin and Sea Salt Moisture Mask

today I’m talking about the Embody Naturals YEMAYA Kaolin and Sea Salt Moisture Mask with Shea Butter. This mask is also Vegan and Cruelty Free! Special mention to Rebecca who owns Embody Naturals she is truly wonderful!

I love, love, love this mask! So much! For someone that struggles with oily skin (that seems to be worse lately) this has been a godsend. The Kaolin has been amazing at drawing out the oils from my skin and leaving my skin feeling feeling incredibly matte – something I don’t often get. It’s a real confidence boost for me to have my skin looking and feeling this way, I hate the oily/shiny look. The mask also helps to keep my skin feeling nourished and super soft to touch, this is a real bonus as sometimes I find that products that help mattify my skin can actually leave it rough to touch – so I’m super happy that this mask doesn’t do that. 10/10 for this mask, I am obsessed!

This mask costs £6 for 30g, I find that is a really reasonable price as it makes such a positive difference for me. I also can’t believe that I only need small amount of the mask when you apply it, this product really goes a long way, which makes the price even better. This is definitely a mask I recommend for people to try out, I can’t wait to try more products by Embody Naturals.

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