REVIEW Facetheory Lumizela Azelaic Acid Serum A15

I have a highly requested review on the Face Theory Lumizela Azelaic Acid Serum A15 so let’s get right to it!

Star Ingredients:
Butyloctyl salicylate, azelaic acid (15%), glycerin, oat kernel flour, rosehip fruit extract, aloe vera leaf juice, green tea leaf extract.

Feels emollient/ moisturising, not drying
Helped to fade hyperpigmentation
Reduction in inflamed pimples/ maskne
Very gentle
Can be a bit too emollient/ heavy
Needs long term use to see results
Not easily accessible/ expensive

This creamy looking serum has a liquidy texture with a bit of viscosity. This feels “full bodied” and emollient, but it leaves a silky, non shiny, greasy finish. None of the unpleasantness that other azelaic acid products may have.

My opinion:
I thoroughly enjoyed this! Ever since trying The Ordinary’s version, I’ve been on a hunt for a better product cos that was hella unpleasant to use. This is the complete opposite.

The texture is moisturising, incredibly gentle (no tingling, itching or irritation) and most importantly – it gave me really good results. The frequency of maskne has drastically dropped. When I do get one, it’s not nearly as inflamed or angry. I also found that this helped to fade hyperpigmentation when used long term and consistently (AM routine)

This emollient feeling serum can be a tad too heavy for very oily skin. But I personally didn’t mind it. Although I wanna repurchase this immediately, the price is holding me back. This costs £21.99 for 30ml (goes on sale often) but the shipping is a ridiculous S$12.

Will I repurchase? For now, no. Not that this is bad, but I want to explore more easily accessible/ affordable options to see if they can bring the same benefits at a better deal.

Recommended for:
Oily to combination (dry) skin, especially for acne prone skin types. Recommended if you live where shipping is reasonable. Very oily folks may not find the texture to be the most suitable. This is alcohol, fragrance and essential oil free.