[REVIEW] Farmacy Beauty Daily Greens Oil-Free Gel Moisturizer

We are on the cusp of it being truly Spring! For us I know there is always the possibility of us getting a rogue blizzard (no joke) but right now we’ve experienced weeks upon weeks of sunny warm weather so I’ve adjusted accordingly. Hello Farmacy Beauty Daily Greens Oil-Free Gel Moisturizer – you’re such a great light weight gel. Perfect for folks who are bit oilier and looking for some extra hydration.


TEXTURE: Super smooth, light weight, no residual stickiness and it leaves a cooling sensation! This would be perfect for summer and I sort of regret not saving for when we have intense humidity.

SCENT: It smells kind of like lime and kind of like herb medley – its distinctively familiar but I can’t place it.

APPLICATION: Like any other jar cream I dot my face in five spots and blend away.

FREQUENCY: AM only because I like a thicker cream at night.

PAO: 12 months

PACKAGING: A weighty little glass jar with a plastic lid – impressive for a mini.

KEY INGREDIENTS: The product explicitly calls out moringa (which helps with removing impurities from pollution) and papaya (for that fruit enzyme exfoliation) as their star ingredients. It also has four kinds of hylaruonic acid, niacianmide and polyglutamic acid – which I have really only seen as a serum.

SUMMARY: So I like this – but I don’t think it is quite enough for me in transition to spring (oops). I do think I’d LOVE this in the summer, especially when our heat is in PEAK humidity or when I’m traveling anywhere tropical. I don’t think this would provide enough moisture if you have dry skin but could be bang on if you have oily skin. Overall though nice moisturizer – nothing wrong with it.

Do you prefer a gel moisturizer or a cream moisturizer?