[REVIEW] Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask

Back with another review for Farmacy Fridays, Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask! A lot of people have mixed reviews on this mask from Farmacy Beauty, but I have always had good experiences with using it.

Mask Claims:
+ hydrate & smooth skin

Key Ingredients:
+ honey blend, glycerin, b vitamins

+ $38 for 1.7oz/50g
+ $56 for 4.1oz/117g

My overall experience:
+ this mask warms up as you apply it, which is a total turn off for some people, but I LOVE it. It gives me a very spa-like vibe and it’s super luxurious.
+ this is mega soothing, helps heal my dry spots and irritation from acne/blemishes. perfect for my pm routine to de-stress my skin.
+ rinses off really easily, which I love because it adds to the soothing factor. I hate having to tug at my skin to rinse something off.
+ a little goes a long way, so the price isn’t a huge deterrent for me.
+ glass packaging makes my heart soar, and the glass is thick! Easy to repurpose into a button container, planter, qtip holder, dice, etc.

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