[REVIEW] Forlle’d Hyalogy P-Effect Refining Lotion

Featured in my top 2020 as my favorite hydrating serum, Forlle’d Hyalogy P-Effect Refining Lotion still reigns on top. I’ve tried other hydrating serums but I haven’t found another one that my skin liked better. It goes beyond just hydration; it multi-tasks to reduce redness (skin looks brighter) & reduces inflammation. The texture is elegant & very light, absorbs nicely to a light satin finish, & plays well layered with other products. I prefer this more over BR’s Extraits Tissulaires & Amniotique, and even Medik8’s Hydr8 B5 Intense. I couldn’t use Hydr8 B5 to replace Refining Lotion since it wasn’t as good at reducing redness but recently have been layering the Medik8 B5 on top. Especially now that my skin is definitely more sensitive type, I haven’t been able to use actives like I used to so controlling redness & inflammation is more important.

The standout ingredients in Refining Lotion are:
1. Patented low molecular hyaluronic acid to penetrate & hydrate the deeper layers of the skin
2. Amino acids & patented ionized minerals working synergistically with hyaluronic acid to restore skin structure & cell regeneration
3. Eggshell membrane protein which has anti-inflammatory effect & increases fibroblast activity
4. Pearl protein which stimulates cell regeneration & normalizes PH levels

The only con I found with this lotion serum is that it does sting with sensitized (eg. over exfoliated) skin, so I couldn’t use it only during those times. BR’s Extraits & Amniotique doesn’t sting on sensitized skin so that’s what I used when my skin was really acting up.

Refining Lotion is a daily staple for me AM & PM and I found it works synergistically well with a niacinamide serum to amplify its effects which is what I’ve been doing in the PM. In the morning my skin is always brighter, less red, and less inflamed.

Have you tried Forlle’d products?