[REVIEW] Fresh Rose Face Mask

So glad I finally found the time to post again, and today we’ll be talking about the limited edition Rose Face Mask from Fresh Beauty. The limited edition mask comes in this gorgeous packaging designed by Jayde Cardinalli, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the product. Most of you are probably already familiar with the Rose Face Mask, cause its one of the brand’s classic staples. I’ve gone through 2-3 tubs myself through the years, and I still reach for it these days!

The other two products kindly gifted by Fresh Beauty are the Sugar Face Polish and Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask, which are both from the Rose Collection – I haven’t tried them yet so I’ll save the review for another time, but I gotta tell you I’ve been eyeing the sleeping mask for a long time.

What is it?
The Rose Face Mask is a soothing/calming mask that helps balance the skin, and give it that extra hydration. You can use this as often as you want to, and it works just like normal wash-off mask where you leave it on for 10-15 mins and rinse it off. I think the beauty of this is in its gel texture that has a slightly cooling effect on the skin. Its got a light rosey scent and even has little rose petals inside.

The main ingredients in this are rosewater which helps to calm irritated skin, cucumber extract to freshen and relax the skin, aloe vera to give it that gentle cooling effect, and a variety of tea extracts to help brighten the skin. They also put in some algae extract to hydrate the skin, and help the skin retain its moisture.

My thoughts
Experience-wise, I think the Rose Face Mask would fall under the “feel good mask” category: the gel texture sits beautifully on the skin giving it a cooling effect, and the rosey scent feels natural and relaxing. Although there’s a “feel good” element to it, the mask still delivers results when it comes to calming and softening the skin. My skin feels instantly softer and more supple with this mask. I also love using it after getting laser treatments, cause it really helps cool off the skin and also to calm any temporary irritations.

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