[REVIEW] FreshNKind Hydrate&Replenish Moisturiser

FreshNKind Hydrate&Replenish Moisturiser gifted in exchange for a review.

Quality: 3/5
The texture of this is lovely, smooth and silky. It absorbs really well and doesn’t pill at all, so you can layer products on top of it easily. My skin has been hydrated using this twice a day, and it can sometimes be dry so I can tell it works. It also has a little cap to protect the dispenser area which is good. However, the scent of this product wasn’t for me. The scent is vanilla and white flower, but I couldn’t really smell the vanilla, so maybe it was the white flower that I didn’t like. I’m also not a fan of it containing alcohols.

Retail price: £36.50 for 50ml from FreshNKind.

Recyclability: 3/5
The glass bottle is recyclable, but the pump isn’t.

FreshNKind are cruelty free – yay! And this does moisturise well. However, the scent and alcohol would prevent me from purchasing this in the future.

Have you heard of Fresh n Kind before?