[REVIEW] FW Beauty Clear Complexion Facial Cleansing Bar

Review and first impressions after 1 week use Clear Complexion Facial Cleansing Bar from FW Beauty. Suitable for acne prone and sensitive skin.

Key Ingredients
Shea butter; great moisturising properties, oatmeal; helps with oil control, kills acne forming bacteria and reduces inflammation, Manuka honey; helps with skins PH balance, fights inflammation, almond oil; rich in vitamin E which is great for the skin and stimulates collagen.

First impressions
The bar has a very oaty milky scent to it, a little like a cereal bar; more milky than cereal! The texture of the bar is a little different to the original bar; in terms of how it melts. This cleansing bar is ever so slightly harder to melt into that infamous gooey dough that the original bar turns into once it’s used a few times. There are visible oat grains in the bar which are not at all harsh or rough on the skin. When you rinse off the cleansing bar, you will find that it does not leave film on your face like the original does. This bar will leave a more clean feel to the skin as opposed to that residue or film that’s felt after washing off the original bar

My experience
I have to say between the both cleansing bars I am preferring this bar more. Having sensitive, oily and acne prone skin; I am finding that this cleansing bar really is catering better to my needs. It removes any excess oils, diet and grim and leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean while still hydrated.

My thoughts
I have recently started using this cleansing bar and am already enjoying it. I would continue keeping a part of my skincare routine and am finding it is really suiting my skin type Alhamdulillah. If you have similar skin; acne prone, sensitive and oily skin then I would recommend this cleansing bar.

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