[REVIEW] Gaia Botanicals Matcha Green Tea Face Mask

As your all aware I’m a serious masker, I have tried so many face masks that I couldn’t name them all. I’ve been using this Matcha Green Tea Face Mask from Gaia Botanicals and I love it. Made using, kaolin clay, matcha green tea, chia seeds, tea tree essentials and lavender essential oil, it’s been a dream to use. The face masks are all handmade and are totally vegan and natural using no palm oil in their products. Also the packaging is wonderful as it’s 100% plastic free.

Matcha has many benefits for the skin, one of the main ones are that is really helps reduce any redness and inflammation, at the same time helping even out the skin tone. This really interests me as I always look for products to make my skin tone more even and balanced, after a few uses I can tell you slowly but surely my skin tone is improving.

Amazing ingredients including:
– Koalin Clay to draw excess oil and impurities out of the skin
– Matcha Green Tea is Super antioxidant that protects and cleanses the skin
– Chia Seeds to Leave your skin feeling super soft
– Tea Tree Essential Oil Is a natural antibacterial and anti-fungal
– Lavender Essential Oil is a natural calming and concentrated oil.
This is another powder mask so therefore needs to be mixed with a small amount of water. Leave it on for approx 10-15mins and remove with warm water. I think next time probably 5-10 mins is enough for me as my skin did feel slightly sensitive after use.

It’s also really hydrating, not what you would typically associate with a clay mask as they tend to dry the skin out. What I’ve found using this mask is that my skin is rejuvenated and more toned, the magic of the chia seeds is that they help retain moisture so the skin is hydrated for a lot longer and doesn’t dry out.

All in all, I really enjoy using this mask I love that it stays fresh as you make it up when you need it with just a little water. So it won’t dry up, but best of all when you remove it you will see a difference as my skin just feels so clean and smooth and also really refreshed. Can’t wait to try more.

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