[REVIEW] Garden of Wisdom Salicylic Acid 2% Serum

NAME: Garden of Wisdom Salicylic Acid 2% Serum
PRICE: £10

It’s been 5 weeks since I introduced this to my morning routine. Despite daily use of topical retinoid & azaleic acid I was still experiencing a mild monthly breakout often leading to hyperpigmentation & scarring.

In March I tried vitamin c to counteract the issue with no success, then, after more pronounced breakouts than usual I decided to try salicylic acid. I’ve used BHAs in the past in the form of toners & serums from Paula’s choice & the ordinary.

Looking back at my last review of the ordinary’s 2% salicylic acid serum I’m not sure why I didn’t reintroduce a BHA sooner. I was hesitant to try the ordinary’s serum again as I came across rumours that the serum has been reformulated & some users have experienced burning.

This product feels similar in texture to the formulation of the ordinary’s that I once reviewed. It’s a clear slightly tacky liquid consistency which I apply directly after cleansing to any areas where I have active breakouts, blackheads or areas prone to breaking out. There is sometimes some grittiness but no pilling or difficulty subsequently applying azaleic acid & sunscreen.

Yet again I have been surprised that despite retinoid & azaleic acid use – my skin has benefited from additional exfoliating. My skin is feeling smoother with fewer whiteheads & texture. I’ve had fewer & smaller breakouts which disappear quickly without any scarring.

I will continue to use this as long as my skin can tolerate it. I would happily advise anyone with acne prone congested skin to try it. If combining with other active acne treatments start slow – once every few days perhaps & build up as tolerance allows.

Salicylic acid 2%

DIRECTIONS: use as a serum after cleansing where required
PROS: great price, effective at improving skin texture & breakouts, very few ingredients

CONS: could irritate sensitive skin but if introduced cautiously & used only in congested areas this might be avoidable

Rating: 5/5