[REVIEW] Glossier Solution Exfoliating Skin Perfector

My best found in 2020, i found my 5/5 for exfoliating toner and it’s Glossier Solution Exfoliating Skin Perfector. It’s an exfoliating skin perfector formulated with 10% acid blends; AHA, BHA (0,5%), and PHA to slough away dead skin to reveal a fresh, smooth complexion.

Sounds powerful, right? Luckily it also enriched with skin soothes agent like aloe, glycerin, and niacinamide. Not just amazing formula, it also wrapped in pretty aesthetic pink bottle with pump, make it more sanitary.

It has watery texture just like water. It has fragrance but for me it smells acidic like acid toner in general. Not bothering me at all.

How i use it? I use it after cleansing on my PM Routine. I found it better for me to use this on a wet skin, so i’ll spray my face with water first. And then put the cotton pad on top of the dispenser and pump down to saturate the pad (i use 1-2 pumps). Then, just swipe it all across my face, and neck as well.

It claimed to make your skin cleaner and softer in 24 hour used and it works. First time use, i only use it on my forehead area. You can see the results in last picture. [Swipe, babe]

After patch-testing and there’s no problem, i use it for full face. I notice that this product really help me to fight acne. Not just that, my skin texture and acne scars also improve a lot. As you guys can see, my skin has been transformed and looked clearer.

Why i love Glossier Solution? Because it’s that gentle that i can use it every night. No purging, just amazing results. It also doesn’t irritate or dry out my skin. I already emptied this two weeks ago and my skin now really need this. Sadly I don’t have backup products because i’m too broke to repurchase.

If you have acne prone skin and still struggling with acne, i really recommend you to try Glossier Solution.

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