[REVIEW] Haruto Beauty Acne Pimple Patches

Along with my natural remedies, I’ve started using Haruto Beauty Acne Pimple Patches to help combat the acne and to protect my face from more acne scars! So far I’ve used the original patch and I’m so obsessed!

They’ve created four different types of patches for everyone and every type of breakout you have as well as for every occasion. They are made with ingredients such as tea tree that are perfect to fight any type of breakout!

The original, Haruto Acne Pimple Patch is a breathable blemish over that helps fight you breakout as you sleep. It’s also super comfortable to wear and once you put it on, you’ll forget it’s on your face (like I’ve done on multiple occasions!!) I love that it comes with 92 patches and lasts for 12 hours which is enough for a very long time!

The Extra Large Pimple Patch comes in a pack of 10, lasts for 18 hours, and is perfect to combat larger breakouts and clusters that you may need to get rid off.

The Ultra Thin Patches come in a pack of 66, last for 12 hours, and are made for daytime use. They are extremely thin and blend into your skin that it’s perfect to wear under makeup.

The Microneedle Acne Patch is an inside out treatment for your breakout. Made dissolving micro needles that are filled with salycilic acid, these 6 patches work to treat the acne to break it down before it can reach the surface.

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