[REVIEW] Hellocell Vitamin K Dr. Petit Cream

Hellocell Vitamin K Dr. Petit Cream is a product that is enriched with Vitamin K and panthenol to help speed up the recovery process of the skin. It also contains hydrating ingredients to keep skin firm and moisturized. It is fragrance-free.

This cream is ideal for:
1. Recovery of bruises
2. Elimination of dark circles under the eyes as Vit. K promotes the circulation of blood vessels under the eyes and moisturizes the skin.
3. Sunburn care as the cream helps soothes irritation.
4. Pre/post care for dermatological clinic procedures to minimize bruising or swelling.

Key Ingredients:
1. Vitamin K Complex – strengthens blood vessels
2. Panthenol – soothes skin from various irritation. It protects the skin barrier.
3. Trehalose – highly moisturizing ingredient.

My Experience:
This is the first cream I have ever encountered that is marketed for bruising and as pre/post care for dermatological procedures. I have to say that it’s unique and that I like that the brand took the road less traveled.

The cream comes in a small tube that is very convenient to bring anywhere. It is is unscented and has a very creamy texture. It is heavier than typical moisturizers, which is what I was expecting because it’s also marketed as an eye cream. I did try it on my eye area sans the dark circles. It is very moisturizing and did not cause me any irritation. It’s rich and I love it. If I ever get a bruise, I’ll make sure to use this. It’s a great first aid cream for irritation. All in all, it’s a nice cream to have.